The World’s Fastest Car

The Internet gives us a chance to see just about anything through the technology of uploading videos. For anyone that is into muscle cars and speed, you have to check out what this classic Nova was able to do. In September of 2010 it set a record as the fastest street car ever. The ability to go 209 miles per hour in 6.95 seconds is really amazing and that is what this very fast car can do.

Of course, this particular vehicle has been modified to offer it some of the best features that it can have. This 1966 Nova is a real prize that offers its owner a great deal of pride. Not only is it very rewarding to work on the engine of the vehicle, but also striving to keep the outside of the vehicle looking pristine has become a passion. For any muscle car lover that wants an all-out glorious car, the classic Nova delivers.

The engine of this fast street car is a 565-cubic-inch big block Bowtie V8. It also has a twin turbo charger. The horsepower offered by this vehicle is about 2,300. What is even more interesting about this particular vehicle is that it was on real highways and roads for five days before the event where that speed record was set.

It wasn’t on a trailer but being driven from place to place, and that shows the dynamic performance of this 1966 Nova. It can be very hard to create a monster machine that does well both as a traditional race car and a street car. However, this classic Nova demonstrated that it could be done.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the video about this fast street car you are missing out. Take a few minutes to check it out online. You won’t be disappointed at all with what you see. It just goes to show that these older muscle cars still have plenty to offer us in terms of power and style. If nothing else, it is worth the time to admire the craftsmanship that went into creating the world’s fastest car.

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The 1976 Chevrolet Nova Was Aimed at the Luxury Crowd

The 1976 Chevy Nova was a muscle car for the luxury fans. The additions to this year were done to compete with some of the other vehicle brands on the market that consumers were looking at. The 1976 Nova offered a coupe, hatch-back and four-door sedan models so that the consumer could get exactly what they wanted. It was a compact car but without that closed-in feeling.

The dash area offered an upgrade that featured a very nice display of the gauges. The seats were comfortable and that meant you could cruise around in the 1976 Nova in style. It wasn’t just a vehicle for going fast or for looks. And guess what? This was the first muscle car with a fold-down arm rest for the driver.

Some nice touches on the outside of this model included a hood ornament and the rims for the tires. Driving such a vehicle was prestigious but also affordable. The engine could be upgraded to offer more horsepower than previous years of the Nova. The small block 350 V8 was the most common choice. Some of the options, such as heavy-duty suspension and a vinyl top, were additional luxurious touches for those who were willing to pay for them.

The Los Angeles County police force placed a very large order for the 1976 Chevy Nova. Many other law enforcement agencies around the USA also followed that lead. They were well known as reliable vehicles that could quickly reach those that the cops were in pursuit of.

Today the 1976 Chevy Nova continues to be one of the muscle cars that people look for. They are wonderful cars, both in terms of overall design and comfort. They also offer a luxury spin to the traditional muscle car look. It was a top seller when it emerged on the market and today continues to be sought after by car enthusiasts.

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Restoring Your Classic Chevrolet Nova Can be Fun for the Whole Family

For many fans of great muscle cars of the past, restoring their favorite make and model can be a dream hobby. Because the classic Chevrolet Nova had a good production run, many hobbyists who love that particular muscle car can find a good fixer-upper to put some tender loving care into. Sometimes the problem you run into when you have the itch to restore a classic Chevrolet Nova is that the family feels they are losing Dad to the garage for months on end. The solution is simply to make it a family affair.

There is no reason you cannot get the entire family in on the act when you set out to restore a classic Chevrolet Nova. For one thing, your passion for the Nova and for recreating a truly great muscle car will be contagious. Children and teenagers have a fascination with cars and all things mechanical, so under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad, they can learn a lot.

Don’t let any lack of experience in how to go about restoring a classic Chevrolet Nova get in your way. Most of the steps are easy to figure out using Internet research. Classic muscle cars are made to be worked on by “shade tree” mechanics. If you get stuck on a step, take your time. By showing the combination of patience and persistence and in demonstrating to your kids how to do the job right the first time, you can have a great time together restoring that classic Chevrolet Nova and model some great values for the kids along the way.

There is a lot of variety in the styles of classic Chevy Novas to select from, so you can find a perfect muscle car to restore that will get the enthusiasm of the entire family going strong. It can be a frustration for you if there is a great amount of work to do to restore that beautiful classic muscle car to its original glory. However, do not be surprised if your family so enjoys the project that they don’t mind that it is taking time to finish it. It means time with Dad and to work together on a noble project that will have a wonderful outcome. What better kind of family project is there than that?

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